Thoughtfully designed table linen

Invite the softness of the South of France to your table with our collection of washed linen!

The washed linen tablecloth

Designed for a table of 6 to 8 people, high-quality and perfect fall.

Set de table en lin


Practical and elegant, they accompany your impromptu dinners perfectly


The extra touch that makes all the difference!

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High-end quality

A perfect fit and worked finishes thanks to the know-how of our workshop


100% EUROPEAN FLAX certified linen - grown in Europe, without artificial irrigation or GMOs

Easy maintenance

Machine washable up to 60°, linen is very durable and softens over time

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What is the composition of arlette table linen?

Arlette table linen is made from 100% Euopean Flax certified linen, this means that the linen fiber used grows only in Europe, is grown without GMOs and does not require irrigation other than natural rain.

The choice of linen is not a coincidence, when we imagined arlette products, we wanted to think responsibly and minimize journeys as much as possible.

Where are arlette creations made?

All our creations are made in Europe, more precisely in Lithuania, we absolutely wanted to produce in Europe to avoid our products traveling too far. Manufacturing in France is currently impossible because we produce small quantities which are not yet of interest to French factories, and the prices could be much higher on sale which is not our objective.

It is also important to clearly distinguish the manufacturing and composition of the products you buy: a cotton t-shirt made in France required the import of cotton from the other side of the world + cotton is a plant that requires a lot of water to grow. It is with this example in mind that we try to do our best to think carefully about our creations and their impact :-)

The benefits of linen

  • Resistant
  • Antibacterial
  • Thermoregulator
  • Light
  • Easy maintenance

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