Washed linen tablecloth



  • Linen Washed Tablecloth
  • Woven stripes and premium finishes
  • Fabric thickness of 200gr/m2 for a beautiful drape

Product details

  • Set dimensions: 47cm x 36cm
  • Towel dimensions: 44cm x 44cm
  • High-end finishes, fabric thickness 200gr/m2

Responsible material

  • Our linen is European Flax and OEKOTEX Standard100 certified - it is grown and then woven in Europe
  • We chose 100% linen because it is a fiber that does not require irrigation other than natural
  • Linen is a material that is very resistant to time, but also breathable and airy.

Easy maintenance

  • Machine wash between 30° and 40° to better preserve the fiber
  • Air dry or tumble dry on low heat
  • Iron inside out to preserve the shine of the fabric
  • Ironing remains optional depending on the desired effect

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Washed linen tablecloth


High-end quality

Our striped washed linen table linen has been designed to last (a very) long time! For this, we have imagined a timeless design that we will never tire of.

The linen fiber used is exclusively grown in Europe and certified European Flax and OEKOTEX Standard100. The stripes are woven and not printed so they will never get damaged.

The weight is (200g/m2) in order to obtain pieces that hold well and hang perfectly! The hems are carefully handmade in our workshop.

The choice of 100% linen

At arlette it’s 100% linen! Linen fiber has many advantages: it grows alone, simply with the natural irrigation of rain. Linen also resists time very well and is easy to maintain.

The idea with linen is also to choose a material that grows in Europe and which will then also be worked in Europe. Thus we limit return trips to the four corners of the world.


What are the dimensions of the tablecloth?

The dimensions of our washed linen tablecloth are: L 250cm x W 170cm

The arlette washed linen tablecloth was designed for tables of 6 to 8 people! Thus, it is perfect for a table of 6 people (the sides of the tablecloth will be a little longer on the sides of the table) but also very well for a table of 8 people (the sides of the tablecloth will be a little shorter on the sides of the table)

What is the composition of the tablecloth?

The arlette tablecloth is made from 100% certified European Flax linen, which means that the linen fiber used grows only in Europe, is grown without GMOs and does not require irrigation other than natural rain.

The choice of linen is not a coincidence, when we designed Arlette products, we wanted to think responsibly and minimize journeys for both our raw material and our finished products.

Where is the tablecloth made?

Our washed linen tablecloth is made in Europe, more precisely in Lithuania, we absolutely wanted to produce in Europe to prevent our products from traveling too far.

👉 It is also important to clearly distinguish the manufacturing and composition of the products you buy. For example, a cotton t-shirt made in France required cotton to be imported from the other side of the world + cotton is a plant that requires a lot of water to be cultivated. It is with this example in mind that we try to do our best to think carefully about our creations ☺︎


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