Arlette's story

The idea of ​​sharing with you the atmosphere of my beloved south through well-designed pieces

How it all began

The idea of ​​arlette was born with the desire to create. After different experiences through which I learned a lot (both professionally and personally!) I had to realize that it was almost vital for me to be able to create my own path ☀️

So after a lot of research, questioning and doubts, I decided to give it a go! After all, why tell yourself that you will do it later when you never really feel ready when it comes to taking risks?

The inspiration

Arlette is my grandmother, a woman I admire and who gave me a taste for beautiful things. She has a real "dressing room" for her glasses, plates, and tablecloths of all kinds! So I had to pay him this little tribute when I decided to create a brand around household linens 🍋

When I was little, I spent every summer at my grandparents' house in Provence. A region that I love infinitely and in which I instantly feel more peaceful. The light, the atmosphere, the landscapes therefore greatly influenced Arlette's spirit!

The idea behind it: to create a universe inspired by the south in which we feel good. Elegant elements that we never tire of, produced in good conditions with responsible materials.

Arlette's universe

On a Saturday in July, it is 11 a.m. The sun is starting to come out and you have to go to the village market because this afternoon your friends are arriving for the week. A light breeze carries the scent of the cypresses and olive trees that surround you.

Your only concern of the day? Lunch in the garden and then find a somewhat isolated cove and spend the rest of the afternoon there... That's Arlette's world 🤍


arlette is the desire to consume less but better:

✔️ Source the raw material in Europe, and find the one that will be the most sustainable: so I chose linen. A fiber that does not require irrigation other than rain! Linen fiber is very resistant to time, in addition to being naturally breathable, thermoregulating and hypoallergenic.

✔️ Produce in Europe to limit transport distance: after having canvassed dozens of workshops everywhere, my choice fell on Lithuania. I met a team that was super responsive and attentive, which had a big impact. I am really delighted with the relationship that we are building little by little.

✔️ Create timeless pieces: so as not to easily tire of what you buy and be able to pass it on ☺︎

Now that you know (almost) everything, I can't wait for you to discover Arlette's house 💛


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