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Arlette table linen

What is the composition of arlette table linen?

Arlette table linen is made from 100% Euopean Flax certified linen, this means that the linen fiber used grows only in Europe, is grown without GMOs and does not require irrigation other than natural rain.

The choice of linen is not a coincidence, when we imagined arlette products, we wanted to think responsibly and minimize journeys as much as possible.

What are the dimensions of the tablecloth?

The dimensions of our washed linen tablecloth are: Length 250cm // Width 170cm

The arlette washed linen tablecloth was designed for tables of 6 to 8 people! Thus, it is perfect for a table of 6 people (the sides of the tablecloth will be a little longer on the sides of the table) but also very well for a table of 8 people (the sides of the tablecloth will be a little shorter on the sides of the table)

What are the dimensions of the placemats and napkins?

Set dimensions: 47cm x 36cm
Towel dimensions: 44cm x 44cm

Linen placemats will be the perfect allies for your impromptu lunches!

The napkins are the ideal size to create your favorite folds... Or simply add the missing touch to your pretty table!

The interview

How do I maintain my linen tablecloth?

Tip before the first wash: Soak your linen tablecloth for a few hours in a basin of cold water with 25cl of white vinegar, this will help to set its colors and improve the flexibility of its fibers.

To wash your linen tablecloth, nothing is simple! Put it in the machine between 30 and 40°C with a classic detergent without bleaching agents. At arlette we prefer not to exceed 30°c quite simply because it already works very well and avoids consuming too much energy ⚡️

How do I remove stains from my linen tablecloth?

To remove the various stains from your linen pieces, here are our solutions:

🍕 Remove a greasy stain: you can leave baking soda or bed base for a few hours to then rub gently, remove the powder and then put your tablecloth in the washing machine. You can also create a paste with a little water and baking soda, lightly rub the stain and leave for an hour before putting your tablecloth in the washing machine.

🍷 Remove a red wine stain: act quickly! Start by absorbing the stain using a cloth or talcum powder, then rub gently with dishwashing liquid or Marseille soap - you can then run your machine as usual.

🕯 Remove a wax stain: to remove a wax stain from your linen tablecloth, place your tablecloth with the stain facing you, place two sheets of paper towel on the stain then a piece of clean fabric on top. Then use your iron which will heat up and allow the wax to be absorbed by the paper towel. Then machine wash your tablecloth.

How do I dry my linen tablecloth?

Linen is a material that dries very quickly, and we love that! To preserve your tablecloth, it is better to dry it in the open air, you will even be surprised at how quickly it dries even in an apartment.

For those in a hurry, it is possible to dry your linen tablecloth in the dryer but at low temperature.

Can I iron my linen tablecloth?

To iron your tablecloth, remember to do it on the reverse side and to slightly dampen the fabric to make the task easier and better preserve the fiber over time. You can also choose not to iron your washed linen tablecloth for a more casual effect!

Manufacturing and product

Where are arlette creations made?

All our creations are made in Europe, more precisely in Lithuania, we absolutely wanted to produce in Europe to avoid our products traveling too far. Manufacturing in France is currently impossible because we produce small quantities which are not yet of interest to French factories, and the prices could be much higher on sale which is not our objective.

It is also important to clearly distinguish the manufacturing and composition of the products you buy: a cotton t-shirt made in France required the import of cotton from the other side of the world + cotton is a plant that requires a lot of water to grow. It is with this example in mind that we try to do our best to think carefully about our creations and their impact :-)

The benefits of linen

  • Resistant
  • Antibacterial
  • Thermoregulator
  • Light
  • Easy maintenance

How long does the Arlette tablecloth last?

Linen is a fabric that is very resistant to time, used by humans for millennia (notably for mummification during the time of the Egyptians!). It allows us to move towards more responsible consumption because it is more thoughtful.

At arlette we like the idea of ​​consuming less but much better.

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High-end quality

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100% EUROPEAN FLAX certified linen - grown in Europe, without artificial irrigation or GMOs

Easy maintenance

Machine washable up to 60°, linen is very durable and softens over time

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