arlette chez vous : l'univers de Léna

arlette at your place: Léna's world

Today, we are discovering Léna's universe together. Passionate about beauty in all its forms, she operates in the world of luxury cosmetics and enjoys creating an ambiance that reflects her personality when it comes to her interior.

I am fascinated by the behind-the-scenes and the complexity of the cosmetics industry. And I must admit, I love testing out lots of products on a daily basis!

As for my interior: I like to draw inspiration from others, whether it's my friends or personalities whose taste I admire (I really enjoy the home tour videos from Architectural Digest!). I spend quite a bit of time on social media getting inspired by lifestyle content creators/decorators and architects whose interiors reflect their personality. Decorating my apartment is, above all, a way for me to express my tastes and feel good.

What she loves above all:

I'm inspired by a mix of two quite different styles: mid-century modern with its clean and timeless lines, and the 'English cottage' style, which is more colorful and playful. My decor is always evolving: I move things around, remove some that I like less, and add new elements.

Her favorite decor addresses and tips:

"I spend time looking for favorite items that I really want to put in my home, both new pieces and second-hand ones - which often have more character and personality. I find my decor everywhere: I have furniture and items from LaRedoute, Ikea, H&M Home... elements that I borrowed from my parents, and others that I found at flea markets or on LeBonCoin and Selency.

For Léna, hosting is...

I enjoy hosting my friends in small gatherings (and being in a Parisian apartment!). I set a beautiful table with my arlette tablecloth, some candles, and pretty dishes. It's an opportunity to share special moments with my loved ones.

As a true Parisian, what are your favorite spots? Food, decor, beauty, wellness...

Ohmycream! with an incredible beauty offering both cosmetics and skincare.
For decor, I live near the Saint-Ouen flea market so I often like to stroll around there to find unique items. And of course... for table linens and my future Christmas gifts!

Thank you, Léna, for this lovely sharing 🤍


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